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Duncan and Mayco paints and glazes. Skutt Kilns, Brent and Pacifica wheels, clays, slab rollers, tools too! Lots of product information
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Accessories For Ceramics And Pottery

  • From glue to chess boards. Rubber and plastic stoppers, Magnets, Ornament Caps and hangers, lotion pumps

Amaco Glazes And Velvets Underglazes

  • Amaco Glazes and Velvets underglazes, Opalescent ^06-05, Arroyo alligator glazes.

Duncan Low Fire Glazes, Brushes & Stains

Earthen Clay Plasters And Aliz

  • Finish your adobe walls with clay

Materials For Glazes & Pottery

Spectrum Low Fire Metallic Glazes

  • Spectrum is delighted to introduce our new low fire Metallic glazes. Unlike lustres or overglazes, these are regular low-fire glazes and will fire in your kiln with any other low fire glaze. However, while the new Glazes are lead free, they are not non toxic and they are not dinnerware safe. Please do not use them on functional ware.

Terra Sigillata Polishing Slip

  • Terra Sigillata: a very refined clay slip polished to a shine
Categories 1-21 of 21