Tools for working metal, finishing, polishing and patination.
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Burnisher Agate For Silver Clay

Agate Burnishers are ideal for Metal Clay and any application that needs a softer touch. Also great for bunishing gold foil to silver for keum-boo and a variety of other processes. Use them to burnish unfired Silver Clay, too.
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Pikal Care

For use as a polishing compound on Silver, gold, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, tin and other metals to enhance shine and remove tarnish.


DO NOT USE ON: painted, coated, plated or layered metals. /p>


CAUTION: This product may damage certain metals. Test on a sm inconspicuous area first. There is a component in this product that may wear down the metal overtime, especially bronze or gold plated metals.


INSTRUCTlONS: Add a small amount of this product to a soft cloth and rub into the metal. Once you are satisfied with the tarnish removal, use a clean soft cloth to buff and remove residue from the surface of the metal.


CAUTION: Do not use for anything other than directed. Long periods of exposure may irritate sensitive skin, gloves should be worn in these instances. With use on dinnerware, wash dishes after use with dish soap to remove any residual compound before use. Keep out of reach of children.


 IF ACCIDENT OCCURS: If the compound is ingested; wash your mouth out vith water thoroughly, and seek medical attention immediately. If the compound comes in contact with the eyes DO NOT RUB. Rinse well with clean water and seek immediate medical attention if irritation occurs.



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Crucible 1 Quart Fired to 2250 F

A one quart crucible made of a high fire clay. The Crucible has been fired to 2250F and held for 30 min. Suitable for glass or aluminum or bronze. Hand Made in New Mexico.
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Rubber Block

RUBBER BLOCK This rubber block is extrememly handy on the bench, for filing, hammering, and other uses. Made of a tough, firm, vulcanized rubber measuring 4" x 4" x 1" (10x10x25mm) to give the user an excellent surface. It enables one to remove dents and straighten metals without the fear of scatching or distorting, and can be used to secure parts for filing as well.
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Silver Polishing Brass Brush Small

BRASS BRUSH SMALL Silver Polishing Brass Brush.
This is a nice soft brass brush that gently polishes the silver-clay after firing. will not scratch, some people brush with soap and water.
You are not scrubbing off the white stuff on your silver, it is just the surface wrinkled up, you are polishing it so it reflects light like a mirror.
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Steel Brush

Steel Brush.
This is a nice soft steel brush that gently polishes the copper, bronze and silver-clay after firing. will scratch up the surface, some people brush with soap and water.
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Burnishing Liquid Concentrate 4 oz

Burnishing Liquid Concentrate 4 oz. Makes your tumbler work faster and better. (1/4 oz to a pint of water).
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Burnishing Liquid Concentrate 1 quart

Burnishing Liquid Concentrate 1qt. Makes your tumbler work faster and better. ad 2oz to a gallon of water (1/4 oz to a pint).
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Burnisher For Silver PMC

Burnisher for Silver, gives a "diamond cut" or mirror finish, by hand.
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Silver Cloth Sunshine 7" X 5"

For polishing silver that has tarnished, good for a final polish or to brighten up a silver-clay piece that has been hanging around for a while. Buy 10 sheets and get 20% discount.
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Files Set of 6

Set of 6 Jeweler's quality Files for Silver Clay. Not junk!
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Liver Of Sulfur Dry 8 oz Can

A life time supply of Liver of Sulfur
Mix one chunk with some water.
To work properly either the silver or liver of sulfur solution must be hot. Apply solution to piece by either submerging or swabbing on. Highlight by polishing with buff or cloth.
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Liver Of Sulfur Pre-Mixed Liquid Quart

Liver of Sulphur Use Liver of Sulphur to oxidize your silver pieces, which turns the silver black, then Polished. The places you can't buff up stay black.
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Pad Sponge Sanding 5 Sheets 80 to 1000

Sponge Sanding Pads Great for working with PMC, sponge sanding pads from 3M are so flexible that they conform to almost any contour or surface. Micron graded abrasives make them safe for every stage of sanding and pre-polishing. Pads can be used wet or dry for a wide variety of metal, model-making and lapidary applications. Medium=160 grit, fine=360, Super-fine=550, Ultra-Fine=900, Micro-fine=1400 grit.
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Pickle Rio .7 Lbs makes 1 Qt. TOXIC

SIL-PICKLE                          Yields 1 Quart

DIRECTIONS 10 oz. Pickle acid Compound plus 3 Cups of water yields one quart pickling solution.

Pour warm water into acid proof pickling tank. Slowly add acid to water stirring continuously until acid dissolves Into solution. To pickle or clean metal, immerse object into acid solution until all surfaces are clean and bright. Heating the pickling bath will increase the speed of pickling, but excessive temperature will cause evaporation of the water. Sediment is due to evaporation and in no way impairs the effectiveness of the solution.  Add water to replace any loss through evaporation. 501-023/.7 lbs.  

IMPORTANT: Do not allow ferrous metal (iron or steel) to come in contact with solution if silver items turn pink, the solution has become contaminated and must be replaced




Warning! Contains Sodium Bisulfate. Releases Sulfuric Acid on contact with water. Causes burns and irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, clothing. Do not inhale dust. Do not swallow. Use respirator and rubber gloves and chemical safety glasses is recommended.



EYE CONTACT: Flush eyes With large amounts of water for 15 minutes, holding eyelids open.

Seek medical attention.

SKIN CONTACT: Wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

INHALATION: Remove person to fresh air Restore breathing if necessary. Seek medical attention.

INGESTION: Seek medical attention immediately DO NOT induce vomiting. DO NOT give emetics. Give large quantities of water, milk or Milk of Magnesia. Give whites of eggs beaten with water.




SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES· Sweep up and flush area with water.


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Silver Polish Pads 2" x 2" (20 pk)

POLISH PADS Ultra-Polish Pads are fast and easy, these convenient sized 2"x2' hand polishing pads are great for removing tarnish, highlighting when using liver of sulfur or silver black, or polishing to a high luster. Leaves no residue. They are made of a thin, tight-bond foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives. Ahandy, economical polisher that is truly amazing. sold in packs of 20.
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Polishing Paper Wet or Dry 12 Sheets 3M

Wet or Dry Polishing Paper

Finishing Sheets Reduce finishing steps! With 3M micron-graded abrasives, you remove a controlled amount of material, leaving a more consistent finish after each grade of abrasive.

WetorDry Tri-M-Ite Polishing Paper Select this paper for interior shapes and for polishing just about any contoured surface. Sheets measure 8 1/2" x 11 ". Sheets measure 8 1/2" x 11 ". 400, 600, 1200, 4000, 6000, 8000 grit (6 sheets 2 each)
Grit Color
400 (coarsest) green
600 grey
1200 blue
4000 pink
6000 mint
8000 (finest) light green (1 Micron!)
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Punches Number Set 1/8" (9 piece)

PUNCH NUMBER SET (9 PC) Punches are a quality set of numbers which contains 9 punches numbered 0 to 9. Made of tempered steel for years of service, this set is economical, compact, extremely useful, and comes to you in a durable plastic box. Punches are 2 3/8" in length with a character height of 1/8" (3mm)
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Rawhide Mallet Head 1.5 X 3 6 oz Head

SIL-RAWMAL Rawhid Mallet Head 1.5x3 6 oz
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Mandrel for Making Rings

SIL-RINGM Ring Mandrel Use this tool as a guide for ring measurements.
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Ring Sizer, Wide-Shank Finger Gauge Set

Stainless steel, ring sizer has sizes from 1 to 15 by halfs, so 29 rings. Click on photo to see larger photo!
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Shot Stainless for Tumbling Silver

This stainless steel shot has different shapes, lasts forever. You need one pound to use with our tumbler, three pounds is the Max.
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Silver Solder Wire in FEET 21'=1oz

Silver Wire Solder, HARD 75% silver 20 guage wire melts at 1365F 21 feet equals on oz. order by the foot.
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Dura-Bull Single Barrel Rotary Tumbler

Every Dura-BULL machine is made to work better, made to last and made in the USA. Handle small runs and touch-up work with this dependable tumbler. The clear barrel allows you to monitor your piece and an easy-to-use screw on lid gives you quick access to contents. This tumbler features a single barrel with a capacity of 3 lbs. of steel shot. A no-leak closure ring and non-slip belts make the single-barrel tumbler very reliable. Dimensions: 6-1/4"W x 8-1/2"D x 7-1/2"H
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