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The Art of Metal Clay

The bestselling The Art of Metal Clay returns—revised and expanded to highlight the latest developments in this exciting medium!
Since it was first published in 2004, The Art of Metal Clay has introduced thousands of readers to metal clay—the moldable, malleable clay that becomes pure metal after it’s fired. Now author, designer, and jewelry-making instructor Sherri Haab has updated her classic book to include the most current and user-friendly information on this revolutionary material, including:

   • the new bronze and copper clays, with must-have instructions for successful firing
   • up-to-date, detailed information on firing with stones
   • an improved method for calculating accurate ring sizes
   • two recently developed techniques for etching metal clay
   • new techniques for adding color, including working with pigments and enamels
   • all-new, inspiring galleries of work by prominent metal clay artists

Includes a DVD with 4 bonus projects.

The Art of Metal Clay
Techniques for Creating Jewelry and Decorative Objects
Sherri Haab
ISBN: 0-8230-0367-1
Book (Paperback)

8 1/2 x 10 1/2
160 pages
280 color illustrations
2010 new edition

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Dichroics All Dressed Up

Dichroics All Dressed Up Book by Jackie Trudy
Everythingh you wanted to know about working with Dichroic glass.

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Silver Overlay Book w Glass & Porce

Art Clay Silver Overlay W/ Glass and Porcelain
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Metal Clay The Complete Guide

Metal Clay The Complete Guide, Innovative Techniques to Inspire Any Artist

By Jackie Truty

Explore Metal Clay from Package to Project

Metal clay's versatility and ability to be enhanced by every other known medium has broadened design possibilities for artists everywhere.

Metal Clay The Complete Guide is the reference book every metal clay artist needs to have on the shelf for quick access to how-to information on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Materials and tools for working with metal clay
  • Metal clay care and handling, including tips for keeping your clay from drying out
  • Techniques including rolling, adding texture, stamping, lids and forming
  • How-tos for shaping bails, loops, beads and connectors
  • Mixing metal clay with glass, enamels, beads, gemstones and more
  • Tips and troubleshooting
  • Four projects: bracelet, lentil bead, box pendant, ring
  • Helpful appendices, including ring sizing, gemstone firing times, drying times, kiln firing temperatures and alternative firing methods

    Whether you are just getting started or have been working with metal clay or related materials for years, Metal Clay The Complete Guide is guaranteed to be the resource you turn to the most. Pages: 256     Size: 5.625" x 7.625"     ISBN: 0-89689-430-4

    Other Features: Hardcover with encased spiral, 450+ color photos and illus.

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    PMC Technic

    NEW Book By Tim McCreight
    PMC Technic
    Edited by Tim McCreight
    Every once in a while, dedicated artists and students are lucky enough to study with someone who had researched and mastered a specific technique. In this book, ten leading artists teach their specialty, with clarity, care, and passion. Tonya Davidson Using the PMC Syringe Celie Fago PMC Hinges Jennifer Kahn PMC Bezels Doris King Fusing Sterling and PMC Terry Kovalcik Developing Form with Slip Noortje Meijerink PMC on Ceramic Kelly Russell Using Stencils with PMC Barbara Simon Lampworking and PMC CeCe Wire Water Etching on PMC J. Fred Woell Coreless Beads
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    Keum Boo on Silver Book

    This 48 page book is the first to cover all aspects of Keum-boo, an ancient Asian metalworking technique in which thin sheets of pure gold are fused to fine silver (both conventional and PMC) and to sterling. Even if you don¹t have metal working skills, the Keum-Boo on PMC techniques Celie's developed provide a simple and relatively inexpensive way to add the luster of gold to silver work.
    For the more advanced, Celie demonstrates applying the gold to large, hollow forms, and to complex shapes.
    Learn step by step instruction for making your own coil cover, cutting the gold foil with scissors, a craft knife, and paper punches, burnishing it on to the heated silver, finishing and patina, and creating your own texturing tools. Find out about sources for the gold, different thicknesses of foil, using and maintaining tools and many other tips for mastering the ancient art of Keum-boo.
    48 pages
    80 color photos
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    Setting Stones in Metal Clay

    NEW Book By Jeanette Landenwitch

    Setting Sones in Metal Clay

    By: Jeanette Landenwitch
    Edited by: Tim McCreight, Abby Johnston, Michael Deles
    This is a hardcover, full color book that focuses specifically on setting gems. Through photos, illustrations, and clear instructions, Jeanette demonstrates more than 30 ways to set stones. These include traditional bezels but goes further to discuss pavé, channel setting, and many innovative alternatives. In addition you'll find inspirational work made by talented artists from around the world.
    10" by 7 1/2" inches
    120 pages
    laminated cover
    concealed wire binding
    Designs of all the jewelry shown in this book belong to the artists.
    Unless otherwise noted, photos are courtesy of the artists.
    Front Cover Brooch, Tim McCreight
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    500 Bracelets

    An Inspiring Collection of Extraordinary Designs Lark Books
    408 pages PB-with Flaps ISBN: 1-57990-480-7

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    Never before has such a diverse collection of fine contemporary bracelets been assembled, showcasing hundreds of renowned international jewelers. Materials range from the most precious metals and gems to paper and plastic, and the varied techniques include forging, casting, weaving, and and surface embellishments. Among the featured creators: Abrasha, who contributes a Royal Pachinko Ball Bracelet; Sharon Portelance, who called her work Wrist Corsage: Ever Present; and Felieke Van Der Leest's amusingly named Hare O'Harix and His 6 Carrots. Whether you're an expert jeweler, a collector, a student, or simply someone who loves beautiful objects, these one-of-kind pieces will astound you.

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    Silver - Clay Users Guide

    A Manual for Success with New Precious Metal Clays.
    Fourth Edition edited by Brant Palley of
    Original Text by Tim McCreight.

    Download the PDF version of the PMC guide click here!

    An inexpensive way to learn about silver clay.
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