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Dual Intake Kit for EnviroVent 2

Vent a second kiln with this add on to the EnviroVent2, includes a 2nd plenum, hose and all clamps needed.
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Vent Extension Kit 8' Feet

Allows one Envirovent to vent two kilns, includes a Y duct some ducting and a new plenum.
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Vent Envirolink Controls the Vent System

The Skutt EnviroLink

WHAT IS THE ENVIROLINK?skutt envirolink

The EnviroLink is an electrical switching device that can be controlled by an automatic kiln to deter-mine when a vent turns on and off.


• Teachers - Even though most vents do not draw a lot of energy, most teachers do not feel comfortable letting the fan motor run all weekend or even overnight. The EnviroLink will shut the vent off when the program is complete or when the kiln reaches a specific tempera-ture. Since it works with ConeFire Mode, it is very easy to program.

• Potters - Crystal Glazes and Cone 6 Glazes can be very sensitive to cooling rates. Artists can now use the Ramp/Hold programming mode to control whether the kiln vent is on for each segment of the firing program.

• Glass Artist - Artists who fire glass want to cool quick and hold steady. With the EnviroLink they can pro-gram the vent to come on when crash cooling and then turn off during annealing when they are trying to hold the temperature steady.

The EnviroLink will work on any Skutt KilnMaster or GlassMaster Kiln which was manufactured after January of 2001. If you are not sure how old your kiln is write down your serial number along with the model number, voltage and phase and call Skutt.The EnviroLink will also work with many competitive brands. Call your particular kiln manufacturer to find out.

It will control the EnviroVent, The EnviroVent 2 and any other Downdraft Vent that draws less than 12 Amps. Consult with your Vent manufacturer to be sure.

Your local distributor should have one in stock if not they can have one drop shipped right to your door. The suggested retail price is $75.00 plus shipping. The part number is #2480

 Download the EnviroLink Manual including information on installation and programming

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Vent EnviroVent 2

EnviroVent 2 Ventilation System

Downdraft Ventilation System.

Now you can vent 2 Kilns with one vent. The new 140 CFM Motor allows you to vent 2 kilns up to 12 Cubic Feet each, or one kiln between 12 and 24 Cubic Feet, with one Envirovent 2 Motor.

The new design is wall mounted. This moves the vent motor away from under the kiln so the motor is no longer exposed to the heat and can no longer transfer any vibration into the kiln.

As your kiln heats up the brick expands. When it expands the hot face of the kiln floor, the inside, expands more than the cold face or underside. This causes the slab to cup, or become slightly concave on the bottom. The result is that the center of the kiln floor moves upward at higher temperatures. The spring loaded cup follows the floor ensuring at tight seal throughout the firing process.

Since the vent is wall mounted it pulls the air through the duct work instead of pushing it. This means if you were to ever form a leak in your duct work the fumes would not be pushed into the room.

Now with the purchase of the new Skutt EnviroLink you can control exactly when the Envirovent 2 turns on and off during a fi ring on a GlassMaster or KilnMaster kiln.


The EnviroVent 2 is a Downdraft Ventilation System designed to extract fumes from your electric kiln and vent
them outdoors before they have a chance to enter the room. Because it is a DownDraft Ventilation System the
EnviroVent 2 also improves the fi ring atmosphere in the kiln while it is protecting you from the odorous fumes
that can be emitted from certain clay bodies and glazes when they are fired. Venting FAQ's

Here's How It Works
A designated number of holes are drilled in the lid and floor of the kiln either in the factory or on location. A spring loaded plenum cup (see diagram) is placed under the kiln and tensioned between the floor of the kiln and the floor under the kiln. The holes in the floor of the kiln are drilled in a tight pattern so the plenum cup can cover them all. The other end of the cup is connected by 3" ducting to a fan which is generally mounted on the wall. On the opposite end of the fan the air is ducted through the wall to the outside air.   The plenum cup has 3 additional holes from which it draws room temperature air to mix with the heated air from the kiln. This serves 2 purposes. Since the kiln air is mixed with cooler room air the air coming out of the end of the vent is never hotter than an average hair dryer. Secondly, the holes in the plenum cup are sized to reduce the vacuum on the kiln chamber so only a small amount of air is moving through the kiln. This ensures the firing time is not affected and the ware is not at risk.

Better Heat Uniformity
Most people are aware of the fact that heat rises. The EnviroVent 2 helps compensate for this rising heat by creating a flow of air moving back down the kiln chamber. As the air moves in a downward direction it is also deflected by ware and shelves causing turbulence. This turbulence helps move heat to cooler areas of the kiln like the center.  

Better Kiln Atmosphere
When you are firing in an electric kiln you are firing in an Oxidation atmosphere. The EnviroVent 2 helps bring in more oxygen and flush out fumes which can form a reduction atmosphere. A reduction atmosphere can be desirable in a gas or wood fired kiln however it only causes problems in an electric kiln. Your elements will last longer, your glazes will be clearer and brighter and you will help prevent glazes migrating between pieces.
Better Working Environment
Prior to the introduction of venting systems it was still necessary to vent the kiln. This was done by propping the lid open with a wedge of brick until the kiln reached 1000°F (538 °C). Not only was this inconvenient, it also radiated the fumes right into the room.

A Better Vent
A new benefit of the EnviroVent 2 is that it is now a Negative Pressure System. This means that since the motor is pulling the air instead of pushing the air, if there is ever a hole in the ducting the fumes will not escape into the room. Also since the motor is now mounted away

Certified safe.
The Envirovent 2 is the only vent UL and c-UL listed to be used with Skutt Kilns.

120 volt 1.4 amps  
Heat exiting blower:
160° F maximum  
Static pressure:
  distances greater than 60 ft: Use 4 inch ducting
140 cfm    
Maximum kiln capacity for use with EnviroVent 2:
Maximum kiln capacity for use with EnviroVent2: 12 cubic feet (24 cubic feet with additional plenum cup kit)
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Vent a kiln 37" for 10 or 12 sided kiln

Pre-Engineered, Variable-Height Electric Kiln Ventilation Systems

Vent-A-Kiln OSHA Compliant


VentVent-A-Kiln captures and removes unpleasant fumes, odors, and heat from kilns. It is a close-capture fume system designed for low cubic-feet per minute (CFM) and static pressure applications. Standard and custom models are available for use in schools and in other educational or commercial facilities by professionals and hobbyists alike.

Kiln Emissions Can Be Harmful

Electric kilns use large quantities of high-current electricity to generate enough heat to "fire" artwork properly. In some instances, internal temperatures can exceed 2200º F (1204°C).


During the firing process, the clay medium undergoes a metamorphosis. Several chemical reactions take place within clays and glazes, causing various organic and inorganic chemicals and minerals to expel toxic fumes at high temperatures.


Toxic and odorous fumes can exit the kiln and accumulate to create an unhealthy and unsafe working environment. Electric kilns also produce significant levels of heat, which can create unpleasantly warm conditions in the surrounding area.

Vent-A-Kiln - The First Solution

In 1983, Vent-A-Kiln Corp. recognized these potentially hazardous problems and developed a solution by creating the world's first commercially manufactured ventilation system specifically for use with electric kilns.

Taking advantage of the natural tendency of heat to rise, Vent-A-Kiln exhausts fumes and heat away from the work area, allowing teachers, artisans, or others to create new work while ready pieces are firing.

The design incorporates a hood that is lowered close to the top of the kiln via an overhead pulley and counterweight system. The hood extends past the exterior dimension of the kiln to ensure effective coverage on top of and around the source of fumes.

A blower mounted on top of the hood creates a draw on top of the kiln where heated fumes are already traveling upward. The blower ensures that the fumes are collected and vented properly. The flexible hose carries the exhaust to an externally mounted louvered exit plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot will the fume hood get during kiln firings?

Depending on the cone level being fired, the outer skin of a kiln will typically get between 300°F and 500°F (149°C and 260°C) while the Vent-A-Kiln hood between 120°F and190°F (49°C and 88°C).


Will a Vent-A-Kiln system lower the room temperature?

Yes - in a confined room without a Vent-A-Kiln system, temperatures can range from 110°F to more than 160°F (43°C to 71°C). This makes for an unfavorable and uncomfortable environment for you and your kiln. To ensure optimal operation of kilns and controls, kilns need to operate in an environment between 32°F and 100°F (0°C and 38°C). By removing fumes and heat, Vent-A-Kiln systems help keep the room temperature lower for a more comfortable working environment.


Is it possible to utilize one Vent-A-Kiln system for two kilns not being fired at the same time?

Yes - by using our swinging wall bracket, aligning the kilns as described in the Owner's (OEM) manual. Please do not hesitate to contact us if further explanation is needed after reviewing the OEM.


Can I use one system to vent both my kiln and a soldering station?

Yes - we can modify the standard Vent-A-Kiln system to vent your kiln and soldering station simultaneously or individually when one or the other is not being used. Please contact us for details.


What are the advantages of a Vent-A-Kiln system?

Vent-A-Kiln systems vent both heat and fumes simultaneously. Our system does not interfere with the internal firing chamber, so there is no upsetting of the firing balance (e.g. internal cold spots, delayed heat up time and fluctuation in internal temperatures) as seen with a down-draft ventilation system. No modification to the kiln is required to install, and Vent-A-Kiln provides the "Best-in-the-Industry Warranty."


What does the warranty cover and for how long?

The warranty covers all parts, controls, and manufacturing workmanship of your Vent-A-Kiln system for a period of three (3) years from date of shipment. If any part is proved to be faulty within the warranty duration, it will be replaced or repaired at the option of Vent-A-Kiln Corporation, without charge.


What payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks or money orders and wire transfers. Checks will delay shipment of orders by approximately two (2) weeks for processing. Purchase orders are accepted from schools and companies; however, credit must be pre-approved for all companies.


What diameter flexible hose does the Vent-A-Kiln system utilize?

  • Systems that have our 265 CFM (P-11) fan use a 5-inch diameter flexible hose.
  • Systems that have our 500 CFM (P-10) fan use a 6-inch diameter flexible hose.
  • Higher CFM fans typically utilize 8-inch diameter flexible hose; however, please consult factory for proper fan and duct size.


Can I use more than 10 feet of flexible hose?

Not recommended - we do not recommend utilizing more than 10 feet of flexible hose with our standard 265 CFM and 500 CFM fans. The flexible hose has a high resistance to air flow and decreases the efficiency of the fan units. If it is necessary to use more than 10 feet of flexible hose, please contact factory for proper fan selection.

Can the flexible hose handle the heat?

Yes - the hose is fabricated from a triple-ply laminate fiberglass scrim. It is adhered to an aluminized polyester face and aluminum foil backing. It has a temperature rating of -20°F to 250°F (-00°C to 250°C). The standard Vent-A-Kiln system has a typical exhaust temperature less than 150°F (250°C) depending on what cone level the kiln is being fired.


What is the longest duct run I can have?

  • The 265 CFM fan (P-11) can utilize: (a) 10 feet of flexible hose with one 90° elbow; or (b) 5 feet of flexible hose, 10 feet of smooth wall duct and one 90° elbow; or (c) 5 feet of flexible hose and 15 feet of smooth wall duct with no elbows.
  • The 500 CFM fan (P-10) can utilize: (a) 10 feet of flexible hose with two 90° elbows; or (b) 5 feet of flexible hose and 20 feet of smooth wall duct and one 90° elbow; or (c) 5 feet of flexible hose and 25 feet of smooth wall duct with no elbows.

Note: Shipping charges as not figured into the item price, they will be calculated at the time of the order.

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