Cone 4-6, 2200F, color tiles shown fired in electric kiln. You probably fire in an electric kiln and buy commercial glazes or make your own. Many colors and textures available.
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Anasazi Cone 5 Stoneware

ANASAZI 5 Sold in 25lb Pug. The cone 5 version of original cone 10 ANASAZI. It is an outstanding, all purpose, medium texture, moist clay. Durable and affordable, it is good for professional or student. Reduces a warm orange/brown, light tan to yellow in oxidation. CONE: 5 SHRINKAGE: 14.5% ABSORPTION: 2.9% PENTROMETERS: 6.5
  • $0.58 per Lb.
  • Availability: 5,300

Anasazi Cone 5 with Extra Iron

ANASAZI 5X Sold in 25lb bag. Is the same as ANASAZI 5 However, the addition of a larger amount of red clay gives it a warm brown color. It is an outstanding all purpose, medium texture, moist clay. Good for the professional or student. CONE: 5 SHRINKAGE 15% ABSORPTION: 1.7% PENTROMETERS: 6.5
  • $0.46 per Lb.
  • Availability: 3,175

Cashmere Cone 6

CASHMERE Cone 6, A smooth cream white throwable porcelain type of the b-mix clays. So not a true porcelain like Pecos because it contains a white ball clay. 

Similar body to Cashmere Slip,

Shrinkage: 12%, Absorption: 1.9% Sold in 25 lb blocks

  • $0.60 per Lb.
  • Availability: 5,125

ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

ChoCoLate  Is a smooth warm black-brown. Fires DARK BAKING CHOCOLATE in oxidation at cone 5 or 6   Sold in 25lb bags.

Fire to cone 5 with a 10 minute soak works great.

  • tests on chocolate ( cone 6) date 9/3/2016
  •  dry shrinkage 7 %
  • shrinkage  13%
  • absorption    .3%

Does not like Coyotes Archie's Base Glazes.

  • $0.55 per Lb.
  • Availability: 1,875

Columbine Cone 6

Columbine Cone 6 porcelain that throws great, has a fairly white color and works with most glazes. Has a slight texture that improves the handling avoid sponging as this makes the clay look rough. Good for dinnerware.

Shrinkage: 13.5% Absorption: .3%

Sold in 25 lb blocks.

  • $0.49 per Lb.
  • Availability: 3,975

Magic Fiber Clay Cone 6

Sold in 25lb increments.
The evolutionary descendant of paper clay, Magic Clay does not rot, it is smooth and forgiving, you can add wet clay to dry. No cracking, it is perfect for medium sized outdoor sculpture and handbuilding. Glaze with any cone 6 glaze (or Duncan's Concepts).

Magic Clay

A new product from New Mexico Clay, Magic Clay is a fibered Cone 6 smooth, plastic, porcelaneous body. The fiber is extremely fine and burns out in the firing.

So What?

Magic clay advantages:
1. Sculptors can work very loosely and it will not crack.
2. Wet clay can be added to dry greenware.
3. Clay dries quickly and can be dried unevenly without cracking.
4. Suitable for large outdoor work.
5. Pleasing creamy color.
6. Does not rot, ever!
7. Super plastic.
8. Non toxic but firing should be well ventilated.

Technical notes.

Dry Shrinkage 7%
Loss On Ignition 4.1%
Cone 6 shrinkage 13%
Cone 6 absorption 1.6%

  • $0.76 per Lb.
  • Availability: 6,700

Marilyn's Bod Pugged ^4 5

MARILYN'S BOD Sold in 25lb increments. Is a red-brown stoneware, excellent for throwing and functional ware. CONE: 6 SHRINKAGE: 13 ABSORPTION: 0.3% PENTROMETERS: 6.3%
  • $0.53 per Lb.
  • Availability: 3,274

Ochre ^4-6

OCHRE Sold in 25lb increments. Is a plastic throwing body, also good for small sculpture and hand-building. Based on goldart stoneware clay, adapted from a Richard Zakin formula. Shrinkage 12% Absorption 0.4% Pentrometers 5.0
  • $0.52 per Lb.
  • Availability: 5,850

Pecos Porcelain Cone 6 (2016 version)

NEW and Improved---Pecos Porcelain is a very fine, semi translucent, true porcelain bright white in color, very smooth.  fire to cone 6

Pentrometer 6, absorption 0-.4%, shrinkage 13%

Old Formula Was originally a doll porcelain recipe adapted to make hand painted buttons for a company in Pecos New Mexico.

 Sold in 25lb increments.

  • $0.83 per Lb.
  • Availability: 2,200

P&S TC ^5-10 Terra Cotta

PORCELAIN AND STONEWARE TERRA COTTA is CONE: 6 Sold in 25lb increments. SHRINKAGE: 11% ABSORPTION: 11.1% PENTROMETERS: 5.6. This clay is used for sculpture. It looks like terra cotta even when fired to cone 6
  • $0.49 per Lb.
  • Availability: 1,700

Sandia Red Cone 5 Very RED

SANDIA RED Sold in 25lb bags. Is a semi-smooth red body with sand. Fires paver tile red in oxidation at cone 5 and is more chocolate in reduction. CONE: 5 SHRINKAGE: 16% ABSORPTION: 1.9% PENTROMETERS: 6.5
  • $0.45 per Lb.
  • Availability: 3,875

Super Sculpture Buff Cone 6 - 10

SUPERSCULPT 2012 is a buff, not too rough but toothy, sculpting clay. Sold in 25lb blocks. It contains real grog for excellent strength and has a wide firing temp, from cone 5-10. It even stands up to wood firing at cone 11. CONE: 5-10

Cone 6 results SHRINKAGE: 12.5% ABSORPTION: 2.0% PENTROMETERS: 6.5

Tile shown is cone ten reduction

  • $0.66 per Lb.
  • Availability: 5,600

Terra Cotta Cone 04 to 5

TERRA-COTTA (TC)  Is similar to RED EARTHENWARE, (RL6), at cone 04* but lighter, chocolate brown at cone 5, with good quality grog and fire clay, this clay body is more rugged and better suited to large sculptural pieces.

When using this clay for low firing;
When using this clay for mid range firing;

Sold in 25lb bags.

  • $0.50 per Lb.
  • Availability: 7,000

White Stoneware Cone 6

WHITE STONEWARE (WH8) Sold in 25lb increments. Is a midrange white stoneware with 10% fine sand. An excellent plastic throwing body. Works with all glazes, except Laguna’s crackle glaze)



  • $0.46 per Lb.
  • Availability: 9,049

White Cone 6 for Tile & Sculpture

WHITE STONEWARE (WH8-rough) . Is for tile and sculpture. A tile clay that your glazes will not craze on.


Sold in 25lb increments

  • $0.50 per Lb.
  • Availability: 3,550

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