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FireBox 8 x 8 x 6 2230F 115V

FireBox 8x6 LT

Single Phase 115v 15amp 1800watts 2250F max temp ^6 Dimensions 8” 8” 6”

  • Built in Programs for Glass, Ceramics, and PMC
  • Write your own programs with Ramp/Hold
  • Plugs into standard household voltage.
  • Easily stores away in a closet when not in use.

Approximately 8" x 8" in. in diameter and 6 in. high  0.22 cubic feet, fits one 6" bowl.

Fire Ceramics, Glass, Metal Clay...this kiln does it all with easy to use preset programs.

Skutt Kilns should arrive fully assembled. Packed with the kiln you will find the following items:
● 7" x 7" shelf
● 3 1/2" posts
● 1 lb Kiln wash
● Manual
● Instructional DVD
 The low mass of Skutt thermocouples ensures that changes in temperature are measured quickly making it one of the most responsive thermocouples on the market. It should be noted that the thermocouple of this unit is different from other models. It is bent downward to provide more room in the firing chamber. 
KilnMaster LT Controller
 The KM Firebox 8 x 6 LT digital now comes standard with the most versatile 3-button controller on the market. The KilnMaster LT now has nearly all the features of the standard KilnMaster in a compact 3-button controller. Small yet powerful.

  • Original Price: $850.00
  • You Save: $165.00
  • $685.00
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KS609 120 Volt 11"X9" with Timer ^6

The KS-609 is ideal for beginners, apartment dwellers, and those testing glazes, porcelain and clay bodies. Even though small in size, it has the quality features of larger kilns, including a Dawson Kiln-sitter. Operates on 115V, 20 amp circuit, which means you can use it just about anywhere
  • Original Price: $970.00
  • You Save: $97.00
  • $873.00
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Items 1-2 of 2