Informative articles, written by NMCLAY employees

Scroll down and Click on the  Hyperlinks below to see more. Here is a list of informative articles, written by NMCLAY employees. If  you would like to Know more about painting tile or crystal glazes or have a question  E-mail or call, 1-800-781-2529

1. Painting tile with ceramic glazes by Donna Nilles. includes how to be painting tile and installing  your ceramic painting tile mural click here to buy  bisque painting tile

Cobalt blue zinc crystal glaze2. Crystalline Glazes by Brant Palley Crystal glazes have fascinated potters for 100 years.

3. How to check your ceramic slip. testing testing


5. How to fire your electric kiln, by Steven Wilburn

6. No more Gerstley Borate (read all about it)painting tile with low fire glazes

7. Chiliquales Mexican lasagna!

8. How to cook in your electric kiln

9. How to hook up a home network 

10. How to place an order by Donna Nilles 

11. Earthen clay plasters article 

12. How to Mix Plaster

13. The Portable Clay Studio

14. Dry Glaze Mixing Instructions

15. Silver-Clay Guide.

16. BRONZclay Guide. Using Duncan Ultra Metallics to  create a look of bronze.

17. COPPRclay Guide.

General ceramic Info.           

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