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New Mexico Clay Pottery Supplies

Accessories For Ceramics And Pottery
Craft items, Decorating supplies,Terra sigilatta, Airbrushes, mold pouring supplies, Overglazes, Repair stuff, Project finishers, Pebeo Bake On Enamels, and more...
Amaco Glazes And Velvets Underglazes
Amaco Glazes and Velvets underglazes, Opalescent ^06-05, Arroyo alligator glazes.
Bisque, Tiles, Duncan Bisque, Dry Line
Bisque for low fire, and tile. Red tile unglazed, imported from Italy. White unglazed tile made in USA. Dry line supplies and tile firing supplies and displays.
Books About Ceramics, Pottery, Glazes...

Pottery and Ceramics Books of all kinds from Airbrushing to Wheel throwing.

Classes In Pottery & Ceramics
New Mexico Clay has just added a new dimension to it's already state of the art Clay Supply Company, New Mexico Clay Classes. This new school will have pottery classes for adults and children of all ages.
Clay From Nmclay, Laguna And Aardvark

Moist Clays from NMClay, Laguna, Aardvark.

  • Casting slips Low fire white and red slip.
  • Doll Porcelain
  • Stoneware slip
Duncan Low Fire Glazes, Brushes & Stains
Duncan Low fire Glazes, Underglazes, Overglazes, Acrylic paints and Tools for ceramics. Duncan paints are the worlds most popular and easy to use ceramic paints available. Most products are fired to cone 06, many will go much higher.
Duncan's Dm Casting Molds
Molds for slip casting ceramics or stoneware or porcelain. Small selection of ceramic molds to play with. A mold is made of plaster, when you pour in the slip, it sets up where the liquid clay touches the plaster. Let the wall thickness build up and then pour out the excess slip, let drain. I 1-2 hours you should be able to remove the greenware.


Earthen Clay Plasters And Aliz

Earthen Clay Plaster and Aliz
 What is old is now new! The 5 thousand year old process of finishing the inside walls of your home by smearing clay on the walls is enjoying a new renaissance. The idea is simple the natural materials used: mud, sand, straw, are free of the more than thousands of chemicals that can be used in conventional paints; many of which are newly created chemical components with little research conducted regarding their long-term effects on both humans and the environment

Equipment, Wheels, Slabrollers Extruders
Wheels, Pug Mills, Extruders, scales, every thing to equip your studio. All the products we offer are professional quality covered by us and the manufacturer.
Glass And Fusing Supplies
Bullseye Glass and fusing supplies
Glazes Cone 5-6
Glazes for cone 4,5,6, from Laguna, Spectrum and Coyote. New Glazes from Duncan and Mayco too
Kilns & Supplies, Gas & Electric
Kilns for all uses from Skutt, Paragon and L&L. Cones and kiln furniture too.
Materials For Glazes & Pottery
Potter's Raw Materials, Clay and glaze making ingrediants. Mason Colors, Liquid deflocculants.
Mayco Low Fire Glazes, Brushes,& Stains
Mayco is one of the world's leading producers of ceramic glazes and other products for ceramic hobbyists, potters, artists, schools and producers of fine ceramic table and giftware. Low fire for 06 to 04
Metal Clay Silver, Bronze And Copper

Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze all made into a clay you can mold with your own hands. Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay Silver are two brands of clay from Japan. The BRONZclay and COPPRclay are made in the USA. As are most of the JEWELERY supplies and KILNS.

Nmclay Catalogs, T-Shirts
Free downloadable PDF Catalog. Duncan Cataklogs and New Mexico Clay T-Shirts
Raku Glazes, Tools, Gloves, Kilns
Raku Supplies, glazes, safety equipment, and kilns
Sculpting Supplies, Plaster, Urethane
Sculpting supplies, plaster, rubber, jiffy mixers, body casting, oil-based clay, sculpture stands and figures.
Tools, Kemper, Mkm, Mudtools, Pro
Tools for ceramics, pottery , sculpting. Kemper, Jepson, Sherril Mudd ribs and many more.


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